Revised as of 24/05/2018

Howdy, we know you can’t wait to start meeting new people, and we’d like you to know that your data is in safe hands. When you sign in and have given permission, we populate your profile with your LinkedIn data so that others can see who you are before they request to connect with you. This information will be stored but not accessed by data processors that we use to improve your experience on Howdy.

To increase the value that they provide, hosts of events and communities that you join will be able to see your profile, the messages you send within their group chats, your swipes, connections and the number of conversations you have with others in their event/community. This helps them measure engagement levels and work towards providing a more vibrant event/community experience for you. We will never reveal your email address or the content of your private chat messages to anyone.

To ensure you get the most out of Howdy, we may occasionally send you emails or push notifications (which you can opt out of) about events or communities that you may be interested in, or invite you to set up your own event/community if you wish to start one.

These are the most important bits - please feel free to read through the rest of our privacy policy here.