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What is Howdy?

Howdy is an intelligent networking app.

Host your community on Howdy for your members to discover and connect with each other.

Deliver content to them in a dedicated channel.

Event organisers use our app to create and grow ongoing communities.

Howdy provides data insights and can serve additional functionality such as agendas, surveys, images, notifications, sponsors, video, PDFs, maps and social media.

Why is Howdy great?

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Be the perfect host

Delight people and make valuable introductions among them, strengthen their networks and yours

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Nurture ongoing communities, lift engagement with your dedicated channel and circumvent the noise

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Recommendation Engine

Howdy learns from people’s activity to continuously improve suggestions

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Gain valuable insights

Learn more, identify new opportunities, advocates and influencers

“Howdy is nothing short of revolutionary! I am certain in a few years we will look back and wonder how we connected with people we actually wanted to meet at events without such technology.”

Tim Hames - BVCA Director General


“I have traditionally been very wary of event and networking apps as they have been rubbish, over complicated or way too expensive. The simplicity and UX of the Howdy app addresses all of these issues. Highly recommended.”

John Emmerson - MEED Director of Events


“Howdy complements our mission perfectly; I launched CRIB to empower women to become successful entrepreneurs. We use Howdy to scale the potential of our network's connectivity, provide our ongoing community with updates and also to supercharge our events. I love that with Howdy we can prove that we are delivering on our mission”